Hello everyone! My name is Sujayne and this is my blog. I have always wanted to have a space where I could write and share my thoughts with my family, friends, and now the world. I tend to be an extrovert trapped in an introvert. My writing is what sets that extrovert free. Now a bit about myself, I am married to my high school sweetheart, we have been together 10 years and 5 years married. Together we are raising an amazing boy named Alexander Liam. We call him Xander and Alex, you can too! Motherhood has completely changed my perspective on life and in these past years I have dealt with situations in which I felt tested but the good always surpasses any difficult moment and motherhood is truly the most amazing stage in a womanโ€™s life. On this blog I hope to share my road through motherhood and that includes the not so great moments and challenges that you can encounter. If my story can help a momma who might be struggling then that is more than enough.ย I am currently working on a novel, its been a long process (writers block) but its long overdue and I am super excited about it. I have always dreamed about being a published author. Soon I hope. If you have read this far hopefully you are interested in following me on this amazing journey. I hope to inspire you, make you smile, think, and overwhelm you at times ( in a good way). Feel free to reach out to me! I love friends and now as a momma more than ever! Have a lovely day!

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